Eretz Ha Chaim Cemetery In Israel

Eretz Hachaim is, beyond question, the most beautiful and modernly maintained memorial grounds in Israel. It is on the outskirts of Jerusalem, about 12 miles from the city, along the road which leads to Tel Aviv. It is ideally located in terms of easy access. Historically, in Biblical days, the area was the scene of the activities of Samson, and the locale still bears the name.

“Samson Junction.” It is an area which is saturated with sacred memories of Biblical and post-Biblical days.

Aesthetically, Eretz Hachaim Cemetery blends harmoniously with the surrounding mountain scenery. It is maintained with reverent respect for our most sacred traditions, and Rabbinic surveillance governs all aspects of its functioning.

Eretz Hachaim arranges for the casket to be received at the Israeli airport, for its transfer to the cemetery, for the opening of the grave, and for the religious services which are conducted by our Chevra Kadisha in the presence of a Minyan. We will also extend every helpfulness to the family in the selection of a monument design, in keeping with the harmonious character of the cemetery.

The prevailing custom in Israel is to inter husband and wife in adjoining graves. It is, therefore, recommended that purchasers make immediate reservations for the spouse.

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