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Burial In Israel - $6,000 Complete

10% down payment / Balance at 36-months - INTEREST FREE

Burial in Israel includes:
  • Traditional Full Mortuary Services
  • Local Chapel Services
  • Local Transportation Costs
  • Taharah - Ritual Preparation
  • Tachrichim - Traditional Jewish Burial Clothing
  • Israel Consulate Documentation
  • Ziegler Shipping Container
  • Outer Air Tray
  • Shipping Charge to Ben Gurion Airport / Tel Aviv
  • Transit Permit
  • 1 Certified Copy Death Certificate
  • (Cemetery Plot and Mortuary Receiving in Israel is additional)
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$7,500 Local Burial Includes:
  • Traditional Full Mortuary Services
  • Chapel/Graveside Service
  • Local Transportation Costs
  • Taharah - Ritual Preperation
  • Tachrichim - Traditional Jewish Burial Clothing
  • Wooden Casket
  • Cemetery Plot in Sholom Memorial Park (including endowment care)
  • Grave Opening and Closing
  • Outer Burial Container
  • State Surcharges
  • Burial Permit
  • 1 Certified Copy Death Certificate

More and more individuals have made their final arrangements to be buried in the Holy Land. We are in close contact with the Chevra Kadisha of every major cemetery in every city in Israel. We are knowledgeable and experienced as to the various requirements to transfer a loved one for interment in Israel; from the initial contacts made with the local Israeli consulate, to the final arrangements with the Israeli Ministry of Health in Jerusalem. We even have a large number of burial sites in Israel available for purchase through our mortuary office.

Most Jews everywhere have strong attachments to Israel. We support it financially; we exert our influence in its behalf; we rejoice in its triumphs; and we happily exude pride in the new image it has given the Jew. Indeed, it is our homeland, emotionally as well as religiously. To make arrangements for an enduring association with this land, even after death, is a meaningfully extension of this attachment.

The most powerful antidote to intermarriage and assimilation throughout the world is the newly discovered love, pride and sense of identification with the Holy Land. For young people, particularly, the impact has been striking. When parents make arrangements for their final resting place to be in Israel, it undoubtedly has a powerful influence upon their children. It ensures a permanent association with the Holy Land, the resting place of their parents.

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