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What We Offer

As a traditional Jewish mortuary, we offer those services that have been set forth through the Tri-partate commission – the commission that oversees all Jewish mortuaries and burial practices in the United States. This commission, which encompasses the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform movements, was established to set up guidelines as to what is considered a proper Jewish funeral and burial. In keeping with the commission’s recommendations, and of course in keeping with our Jewish heritage and law, Sholom Chapels provides only those services that are in keeping with the Torah and the teachings of our sages. Thus, we will never provide cremation or embalming services.

Our memorial counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to answer your questions, and assist you with the many decisions and choices that will be made. Our own Chevra Kadisha (Holy burial society) on staff provides the Taharah (ritual washing and dressing) as well as the Shmira (prayers recited at night for the deceased from the book of Psalms.)

There are a variety of choices regarding the actual type of service (i.e. Chapel, Graveside, etc.), choice of casket, memorial plaque, etc. All the services we provide, however, are done with the utmost regard to the family’s wishes.

Cremation, although generally cheaper that traditional ground burial, is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, embalming – the process of replacing one’s life-blood with chemicals and makeup – is not a natural process, and is therefore prohibited as well. Both of these aforementioned items are considered as a strong desecration of the deceased.


Where We Conduct Services

Families have selected our mortuary for nearly half a century for a number of reasons. Many have selected us due to our mortuary offices and chapel being situated on the grounds of Sholom Memorial Park, in the San Fernando Valley. For those families, it has been a matter of not only the convenience of taking care of all the mortuary and cemetery arrangements in place, with one simple phone call. It has also been a matter of trust. When making decisions on where our loved ones will secure their final resting places, they must have peace of mind knowing that the mortuary will provide a proper, caring environment for the remaining family. At Sholom Chapels, we offer caring, dignified services at any cemetery where either the decedent or family owns the burial plot.

The following is a list of cemeteries that Sholom Chapels Mortuaries had conducted services in, and will continue to service, as per the families’ request.

Sholom Memorial Park, Eden Memorial Park, Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Hillside Memorial Park, Home of Peace Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Beth Olam Cemetery, Beth Israel Cemetery, Young Israel Cemetery, Agudat Achim Cemeterym, Mount Olive Cemetery, Pacific View – Newport Beach, Harbor Lawn Mount Olive – Costa Mesa. We also specialize in burial outside of California. Transferring remains for burial on the East Coast, or even out of the country, is actually a very simple process. Services are held either locally in our mortuary’s chapel, at the destination cemetery, or both.